Spend 4 Hours In a Week for your Company Facebook Page

There are hundred of blogs available for the Facebook marketing strategy but, don’t you think a same strategy will never work for all same industry?

Let’s take an example of a news channel: Are they share all the news on Facebook? absolutely no! Because, They share trending stories, breaking news, TV shows, entertainment, and special episodes of interesting topics.

Let’s take another example of IT company, There are many companies who always shared their blog articles and other website articles and sometime company articles too. But is it worth? I mean it’s less efforts but I think no efforts is better than less efforts (just share for link sharing).

For me, I think company has to more share about the company events, technology update with case-studies, developers’ experience, career, open positions, and observe company’s higher authorities Facebook accounts and re-share the business posts.

There is always different scenario depend on industry. Facebook always help you to reach all the people who matter most to your business.

There are few steps, you need add in your Facebook marketing strategy:

1) Seeing is believing – It should be discovered with your brand logo, your tagline and easy to get through Facebook search bar such as proper Facebook URL, Name and catchy description.

2) Facebook Notification – I’ve seen lots of people who update content well, but they missed to revert back if someone comment theirs. I can understand in the world where we all are almost busy all the time and don’t have time to check the status of the post, but use Facebook app and put your notification on and apply when it required.  Your quick revert will not logically but will increase nearly 10% likes of your page because social media is fast and quick old, everyone wants a solution in hand and asap.

3) Weekend Watch – Use Facebook insights and understand the page activities, time, likes, response, region, and many more things. You don’t need to create any plan just make a note of it so it will help you to share some more relevant content on the page.

4) Don’t produce content every time – There are lots of similar Facebook pages, which will nearly shared the same information. User re-share smartly to provide your followers a niche information. You can make some good information but use sharing feature, use link embed feature.

5) Use Facebook as Page – In early days of Facebook pages, I’ve seen lots of likes from Facebook page itself, but now days it goes down. I would strongly recommend that instead of using your personal account, login as page and like the other shared information, photos, videos and comments to get some real attention for the real user with just no cost.

6) Your People Are The Power – Prepare one small presentation of social media to the people who are working. Or would suggestion give your 15 min to share your understanding of social media.


You need to create a presentation that they can update if they found something interesting happening in the company and something they learn that day or some kind of training features.  But the information should be interesting and useful for the people after than if you found that the information is really awesome share through your page. (Of course some HR protocol their*)

7) Spread the URL – Do not just think that you’ve put the page URL in a website so it’s enough. It’s not, you should also share the Facebook page URL in the marketing materials such as brochures, pamphlets, company letterhead, standee and many more.

Maybe this will not produce you expected results, but it will be also and with this fewer effort make your page will always be active and stress-free.

What do you think?

What Are You Doing in SEO

Every one knows and Moz use in advertising that ‘SEO is complected’.

SEO is complicated and always requires time and commitment for strong relationship of website and Google ranking. :p

In dating, we wish all-time that there were some way to make dating easier. More often than not, though, it can be a long, painful exercise in disappointment.This is why it’s important to recognize that sometimes the way we go about trying to date makes things harder on us. It doesn’t do any good to try to make dating simpler if all we do is end up shredding our souls in the process.

Here is the same case, you cannot do direct sell to customer, and you need to build the engagement, first! I met many SEO mates who are really working hard for the content and putting his maximum efforts to provide the easiness to user to understand the content properly.

‘Things Have Changed’ not by Bob Dylan, But now content needs to have some conceptual appeal. Content must have a persona for users / readers or visitors to understand it better.

Google and other search engines always work hard to make an algorithm to provide a better search results to answer all the search queries (1 trillion searches every year).

Here SEO gets harder, Google comes with Panda, penguin and humming bird type of updates to alert SEOs to work hard on content and conversion.

What Are The SEO Activities You Need to Follow?

1) Define your target audience

2) Build an user & mobile friendly website

3) Make your information very simple (Write To-the-point Content)

4) Appropriate Landing page for specific Product or Service

5) Do not submit on unauthorized sites (such as directories, articles & press-releases)

6) Do not post link on comments & discussion forums, Instead discuss and build an engagement

7) Use social media power with Best tools.

8) Write an awesome content on different platforms

9) Make your information up-to-date in every single website

10) Keep blogging

You must be thinking that how roughly this content has been posted but this is an idea for you to read to-the-point content and get the advantage of SEO techniques and beware of the fake activities.

Share your experience in comment below!!

Quixey – Not Qixotic at all!

Across town from Google’s sprawling Mountain View, California HQ, a David is stirring. Quixey, a $74 million company with 150 employees, is dedicating all its resources to one thing and one thing only. A search engine that can peer into apps to find what you need.

They want to add a search bar to your smartphone that can take queries like ‘Best sushi in San Francisco’ or ‘Taxi service’, and it will take you directly to the function inside the app that you need. Essentially making your smartphone, even smarter.

A prototype reviewed by the MIT Technology Review, and slated for release later this year, it searches and serves up the highest-rated restaurants serving the item you are looking for from review apps such as Yelp and Urbanspoon. The best part about Quixey is the fact that it will offer search results from apps that are not installed on your device, tapping on one installs it and opens it to the relevant page.

Historically speaking, voice operated assistants such as Apple’s Siri oor Microsoft’s Cortana have not taken off very well, this where Quixey offers much better functionality when using third-party apps.
Founded in 2009, Quixey initially worked on search technology that could find apps much in the same way as app stores usually do and licensed it to wireless carriers and others. But the company, now, is focusing primarily on advanced search technology to cement its place in the market as a brand-name search provider.

Most web search engines work by building an index of the information they gather, and the links between them, when their software visits Web pages. Quixey’s index although is built differently. It collates information about apps gathered from app stores and review sites with a feature known as deep links.

Many developers have lately taken a fancy to this feature and have begun adding it to their apps. They are a form of hyperlink that points to a specific place or function inside a mobile app. For example, a deep link on a mobile Web page or e-mail, can take you to a specific song on a music app! Another reason for the affection towards deep links is that they make ads on mobile devices much more effective.

Facebook, Twitter and Google all encourage, some require their app developers to use deep links. But Quixey is looking at a bigger purpose to deep links than merely making ads more effective.
Quixey can not, yet, provide links to all the apps and functions an individual might desire but they are well on their way to do just that. They have released tools to help other developers install deep links more easily into applications.

The people at Quixey know that they are moving in on the territory of a much bigger search company. Few have dared to take on this Goliath and lived to tell the tale, but Google’s approach to mobile search is leaving his company with an opening. Google always diverts traffic to its own services; this has helped Quixey attract the attention of many app developers and wireless carriers.

This little runt of a search engine is setting up to play with the big boys. Watch out Google!

What! Twitter allows GIFs Images now, Yes watch here…

I was reading article A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Isn’t Focused On “Creating Compelling Content” and it clearly says that
headlines & images like this is the social media marketing, where it seems like the only way to gather any attention os to fold content to appealing to the end user.

And day is not end yet and heard that from @twitter support

Earlier GIFs have been supported on the service before, but required users to go through the third-party platform Giphy. But its not like that with today’s update, you can directly upload GIFs directly from all of your devices. Isn’t it cool! In the other side of affect are the platforms that won’t be able to see animated GIFs in their newsfeed such as tweetDeck, twitter’s official Mac app and windows phone client. But it will short out in meantime. It reminds tumblr effect but it may be more fun and more interactive steps by @Twitter. Here is my first GIFs tweet:

Here twitter in action: