The New Approach to SEO – How SEO has changed

The New Approach to SEO – How SEO has changed

The New Approach to SEO – How SEO has changedNew Approach to SEO, Post Panda & Penguin. Some points are below, I think it is usable for you.

  1. Target a wider range of Keywords that are likely to convert. Focus on intent and data from PPC conservation.
  2. User Experience is #1 Priority – Avoid poor site engagement increase average time on site, pages per visit and reduce bounce rates. Title tag must still be optimized!
  3. Use responsive design in mobile websites
  4. Most important point is Page load time. It is important to users and rankings.
  5. Write good and compelling content for your Audience.
  6. Keyword Density not overly Important – Refrain from being repeated with keywords as it can be flagged as content spam
  7. Content is Diverse – Content is multi-faceted. A lot of thought is out into videos, Infographics, Internet memes, Documents (White papers), Podcasts, Presentations (Slidshare).
  8. SELL your content with your title tags

Link Building and Off-Page Optimization

  1. Generate highly creative Sharable Content – Focus on highly professional and creative content from writers, video producers/editors, infographic or graphic designers. Promote your content thorough social media and target quality sites rather than quantity.
  2. Build a Long Lasting Brand – Focus only on building traction to the core domain of your brand. Search engines are looking at social signals to determine brand domains like facebook, Twitter, Google+ and most favorite Linkedin.
  3. High Quality Guest Blogging High quality guest blogging along with social signals from a dedicated and active audience count as legitimate links.
  4. Manual Quality Checked Submissions – Manual submission to carefully selected industry and local directories. Best results from uniquely written descriptions tailored to the audience of each directories.
  5. Creativity is Key. PR backlinks barely count. Real PR matters and only newsworthy press releases should be launched.
  6. Social Traction correlates with links – Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Linkedinare the most important Social Media platforms to SEO. Social Media is the core content promotional channel.

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